8/11/14 – Cláudia / Bad food habits, low level of exercise are our worse enemies

acção sensibilização diabetesIn a week the World is going to celebrate the Diabetes Day. What is there to celebrate? Not much. The number of people with diabetes is increasing. The science is not going at the same speed. So much to do.

Regret it it’s not enough! We need to act!

For our Portuguese delegation, and following all the work we made during the last term, this a very serious issue of public health, and we are committed to do every efforts in order to try to change this. That’s why this week at the European Parliament, anticipating the Diabetes Day, we have promoted and hosted some awareness activities in order to explain to people what is diabetes, but also blood tests to glucose levels. As in so many other diseases it is important to know as soon as possible if one has diabetes. But even if you don’t it is also really important to know if there is a risk, and what can you do to avoid it.

Bad food habits, low level of exercise are our worse enemies.

Understanding diabetes is also a way to put an end to the discrimination of people with diabetes. It is unthinkable that in the XXI century there are still people that are discriminated when trying to get a job, for instance, only because they have diabetes.

One of the high moments of these activities was the delivery of a prize to the best scientific work on this area to Joana Gaspar, a young Portuguese scientist that decided to donate her prize to APDP (a Portuguese association of people with diabetes), allowing them to keep on with their awareness activities, but also to buy medicines to people that wouldn’t be able to get them any other way.


(a message from Marisa about the diabetes day and all the events that are going to take place at the European Parliament)

If you want to have a better perspective of the most recent world numbers, but also at your country level you can download the Diabetes Atlas 2014

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